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Casual and Comfortable Gym shorts

If you had to pick one type of apparel that says cool, comfortable and casual, it has to be Shorts. Shorts are a perfect way to beat the heat and they also make a style statement like no other. Combine it with some awesome prints of your favorite Superheroes and you have a smashing combo of Adult Shorts for daily use.
Planet Superheroes bring to you a large number of fashionable shorts online for Men and Women. Each pair of shorts highlights a Superhero with interesting patterns, colors and logo designs that are bound to make you look the coolest. We bring you the most affordable pair of shorts so you don’t have to choose one. Collect and stock up all your favorite Superheroes shorts and use them daily to flaunt your fandom.

Trendy & Stylish Superhero Shorts

Have a relaxed weekend planned at home? Or a weekend activity with your buddies? Worry no more! Find the perfect mix of cool and comfortable Shorts at Planet Superheroes. Browse through our collection of Superhero Shorts online and pick your favorite.
Men’s shorts are much-needed bottom wear. They are functional for physical activities and sport. All shorts at Planet Superheroes are inspired by our favorite Superheroes from the powerhouses like Marvel and DC Comics. Pick a pair of sports or wear them as gym shorts with designs that will inspire you.

You can opt for the uber-cool Iron Man shorts in Burgundy color and yellow logo badge to match Tony Stark’s suit color or go for the Blue shorts with Captain America’s shield logo. There are many more designs in Men Shorts like Deadpool Shorts, Spider-Man Shorts or Hulk Shorts to inspire you to work harder at the gym with strength and concentration.

Apart from big-screen heroes like Thor, Wonder Woman, Flash, Superman, etc., we also have Shorts featuring popular superheroes TV shows such as The Punisher shorts. From Deadpool to the Joker, Green Lantern to Doctor Strange, you’ll definitely find any Marvel Shorts that will satiate your fandom.

You can also choose Shorts with the official Marvel or Avengers shorts with a logo printed on the hem to wear on a relaxed weekend. There are also many designs in DC Comics superheroes so DC fans need not worry. Grab Batman shorts or Superman shorts or simply go with the classic Star Wars shorts and showcase your love for Luke Skywalker. 

Be a part of the coolest Superhero squad with shorts from Planet Superheroes. Designed by the most creative team at Planet Superheroes, these shorts have authentic character-based colors and logo designs that give it a minimal and premium feel.

Buy Shorts Online

Buy Shorts online for Men, Womenand Kids from Planet Superheroes. We have various sizes as per your requirement. The fabric used is 100% cotton french terry fabric or 80% Cotton 20 % Polyester French Terry fabric for some styles. All Shorts made in India manufactured locally and the fabric is soft keeping in mind your utmost comfort.

You can now shop for Superhero Shorts online on Planet Superheroes website. The easy and user-friendly interface allows you to filter down to the categories as you require so you can get your favorite design without any hassle. Choose to shop online from Planet Superheroes website with a quick check out process and all payment options. You can also check out Planet Superheroes stores near you to buy shorts at stores. 
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