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Thanos Keychain - Do..
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Carry around your fandom everywhere you go!

Captain America’s only weapon; not that without it he’s not awesome, but the shield surely makes him look cooler and prepped for any war coming his way. Our Captain America Shields are not made from Vibranium, but they’re just as strong and durable. Get yourself Captain America shield keychains and slice through the air with minimal wind resistance. It’s lightweight, awesome and easy to carry!

If you’re a die-hard fan of the God of Thunder, don’t worry about being worthy to lift the Mjolnir. Just carry around the Mjolnir keychain or the Stormbreaker Keychain and go about your day fighting all Supervillains! Always keep your favorite Avenger with you by choosing from our wide range of Marvel keychains.  

If Deadpool's tongue in cheek humor and fourth-wall references make you giggle, we have you the Deadpool mask keychain that will look great on your keys or you can decorate your bag chain with it.  

To all of you fangirling or fanboying over Tony Stark’s hot looks and his swaying charm, we feel you. He has a unique way of making you fall for him, doesn’t he? Look the prettiest with our range of Iron Man keychains and fully embrace the true fan in you. 

When it comes to superheroes with the most accessories, Batman wins hands-down. From his signature bat-eared mask to the spikey gauntlets, Gotham’s protector certainly knows how to add the perfect finishing touch to his Batsuit. He’s got so many carry-ons, he had to create a utility belt to hold them all. You too can draw inspiration from the Dark Knight and add subtle touches of fandom to your outfit with the right keychains.

It might be a tad difficult to pull off Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet and Spider-Man mask in public, which is why we’ve got a collection of classy Thanos keychain & Spider-Man keychains for you that will cement your status as the number one Super-fan. Tie them around your keys or hook them on your bag’s chains and go around showcasing your fandom!  

From keeping together the keys of your secret lair and super-vehicle to decorating zippers of your bags, keychains are essential. As a true-blue Superhero fan, you can show your fandom off in a subtle but impactful manner with a keychain for your bike or house keys. Just choose from our wide range of fancy Superhero key-rings online or drop by your nearest Planet Superheroes store to grab your favorite Superheroes’ keychains. 

Carry around a miniature version of the Eye of Agamotto (the perfect design for your car keys!), or a stylized version of the popular and cute character Groot's keychain. Our sleek metallic keychains, in a variety of textures, will lend a touch of classiness to your Superhero accessories collection. For some extra utility, you can try an Avengers logo keychain or Captain Marvel keychain

Add the coolest Keychains to your collection 

If your fandom lies in the magical world of Hogwarts, or if you’ve grown up wanting your own magical wand like Harry and his friends, wait no more as you can own a very realistic metal finish wand-style keychains. Browse through our collection of Harry Potter Keychains and get your favorite ones with a click of a button.

From classic pieces to add to your Superhero accessories collection, to finding that perfect gift for a Superhero fan in your life, we have your needs covered at Planet Superheroes. 

Simply browse through our extensive collection of other Superhero accessories and shop online from the comfort of your home. We deliver symbols of your fandom straight to your doorstep! 

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