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Harry Potter

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Potter-heads up! Whether you accept it or not, all of us at some point wished that there would be a Hogwarts letter waiting for us each time we opened the mailbox.


You’ve probably imagined what it would be like to be able to levitate things or which class you’d excel at and which house you’d be in. You’re also probably the biggest fan on the block and can’t help dote over Hermione’s knowledge or Harry’s adorable charm.


Well, you may not have magical powers but being a Potterhead definitely puts you way above the muggles. Saying that Harry Potter is just for kids is absolutely Riddikulus. Fortunately, we acknowledge the Potter crazed maniac in you and bring to you a range of Harry Potter t-shirts, room decor, toys, figurines and more!


Even though Rowling’s world of magic is the one of fantasy and far from reality, it’s still very relatable and makes us want to be in it. Who doesn’t want talking books, a pet owl and a magic wand, right? Get quirky and decorate your room. Be the most magical fan ever by getting your wands on clocks, bobbleheads and action-packed figurines of your favorite characters. Harry is the humblest character ever. He’s adorable and loved by (almost) all around.


Watching his fate turn from ugly to awesome, makes us want to jump right into his world and help him out in all his adventures. Our Harry Potter Toy Figures are the perfect way to enact your fantasies and replay those action-packed adventures. Get yourself the entire collection and build up your own stories and fanfiction.


Harry Potter Toys, Collectibles and Action Figures

The wizarding world gets pretty crazy with every subsequent book and movie when we see gigantic beasts like the Basilisk, the three-headed dog – Fang, Fluffy, and Dobby! It’s stuff beyond our imagination and that’s what makes this series so special and dear to us. Grab official Harry Potter room décor and make it look like it’s straight outta Hogwarts.


The best part about this magical realm is that it shows us the most extraordinary beings with the humblest beginnings. It makes you believe that you could also be a wizard and possibly even the chosen one.


Get yourself some magical goodies and always be prepped for glory. Bewitch your mind and ensnare your senses by entering the most magical realm of fantasy ever to exist. Live out your fantasy in the world of wizards with official Harry Potter merchandise brought to you by Planet Superheroes.

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