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A Bag for every occasion!

Bags are a necessity for everyone - Men, Women, and Kids. A bag is a perfect accessory for every occasion while also being functional to hold all belongings. Bags also come in various shapes and sizes for every purpose. There are women’s handbags, gym bags, laptop bags, sling bags and much more. It is essential to find the perfect bags online and that too at best prices so you can stand out and flaunt your fandom as you want. At Planet Superheroes, you can find the latest collection and various designs in Superhero bags that are ideal for all purposes. We offer official & licensed Superhero bags that are suitable for every occasion viz. Laptop Bags, Duffle Bags, Backpacks and more. With Planet Superheroes, you can get your hands on the most exclusive and cool designs from the comfort of your phone.

When you buy a Superhero Bag online, you are naturally seen as a person with style and class. From our array of bags with Superhero characters like Captain Marvel, Spider-ManIron Man and many more, you can choose anything and everything you love.  

Get your work mode on with Superhero Laptop Bags

We’re all surrounded by technology and gadgets. It plays a massive role in our lives and it is impossible to imagine a world without it. Our Laptops are one of the most prized possessions we own after our smartphones. While smartphones can easily fit into pockets and purses, what we need for a Laptop is a cool looking Laptop Bag. There are various shapes and styles of laptop bags but the ones that are most popular are backpacks and side bags with straps to put on either of the shoulders.  

A Laptop bag is an essential accessory and if you’re a Superhero fan and are looking for a durable, functional and equally stylish laptop bag then you’ve landed at the right place. We have for you a collection of exclusive designs in laptop bags that have been thoughtfully designed by our experienced designers who are themselves Superhero fans. So they exactly know what a fan would love. You can filter by the character of your choice and simply choose from a variety of options. If you want something in red, you can pick a Spider-Man Laptop bag or go for the Deadpool Laptop bag - both having classic logo designs. If you’re in love with the First Avenger Captain America, you can choose the Captain America Laptop bag with Captain’s suit design and go about flaunting this cool accessory. For a more unconventional choice, you can go with Captain Marvel Laptop bag or pick up the Hulk Laptop Bag with the Hulk Smash design. At Planet Superheroes, there is something for everyone.  

All our laptop bags are ideal to fit a 15.6 inches screen laptop and are made with a durable polyester PU material. The bags come with one main compartment and a zippered inner section to store any other valuables. It also comes with a side pocket so you can store keys or wires to quickly access them without having to open the bag’s main compartment. The best part of these Superhero Laptop bags is that they are made with anti-fraying polyester lining and thick padding to keep your laptop safe at all times. The extra padding on the strap also helps with reducing the strain on shoulders & the adjustable handles on either side help in easy carrying. These are thoughtfully and ergonomically designed for your utmost comfort.  

These bags are ideal for college students and office goers as it not only provides protection for your laptop but also makes you look super cool while doing that.  

Hit the gym in style with Superhero Duffle Bags 

Love working out? Or have plans for a weekend outing? Grab the coolest Superhero Duffle bags and pack away the essentials in the right way. At Planet Superheroes, you can find any design of your favorite superhero in the form of Duffle bags online. You can choose an Iron Man Duffle bag with the arc reactor design to wrap up your gym armor or go for the Deadpool duffle bag if you’re heading out for your weekend trip.

Superhero duffle bags at Planet Superheroes are not only stylish but they also are completely durable. They are ideal for your daily hustle and for your routine wear-and-tear. You can pick up a Spider-Man duffle bag, put in a towel, your gym shoes, an extra T-shirt and your phone. Don’t forget to carry your headphones in the side pocket so you can use them to listen to motivational songs as you work out like the Hulk. There is a classic Black Panther duffle bag as well as a few designs in Captain Marvel duffle bags that are designed with care and comfort in mind. With enough space for your essentials and your accessories, these duffle bags make the perfect accompaniment to your workout sessions and crime-fighting sprees.  

Use the easy-to-grip handles, or wear it across your shoulder with the adjustable strap if you want to keep your hands free for swinging across buildings like Spider-Man. Made from durable polyester PU fabric, these duffle bags ensure that your belongings stay safe whether you're taking a ride in the metro or taking on Thanos. The cool graphic prints are complemented by the monogrammed inner lining. All of the designs are equally attractive and will be a super-cool accessory for your gym look. After all, we aspire to be as fit and strong as our favorite Superheroes, right?  

Superhero Backpacks you’ve been waiting for 

A backpack is the most basic and the most functional type of a Bag. It sits comfortably over the shoulders and the back and keeps your hands free while you walk or commute. But to add some jazz and style to your regular backpacks, it is necessary to design it with the coolest designs. So we've gone one step beyond and have designed Superhero backpacks that do more than just carrying your stuff. We have combined some exclusive and premium graphics with ergonomically designed backpacks. They offer the highest quality of support and are sure to make you stand out as someone with a classy taste.  

All backpacks have multiple compartments to organize your belongings easily. There is a side pocket to store water bottles, quick access pockets as well as an air mesh cushion on the back and shoulder straps. The padding inside the compartment ensures your laptop remains safe as you take the bus or metro to your college or office. Choose your favorite Superhero and pick up a stylish backpack to compliment your look. We have designed multipurpose backpacks that are ideal for your everyday use. 

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