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The Superhero Directory: Character Profile – The Illuminati

29 Dec, 2015

The Superhero Directory: Character Profile – The Illuminati


Name: The Illuminati

Origin: New Avengers #7

Status: Dissolved

Created By: Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Steve McNiven (artist)

Original Members: Mr. Fantastic, Dr. Stange, Namor, Iron Man, Professsor Charles Xavier, Black Bolt

Other Recruits: Medusa, Captain America, Black Panther, Beast, Hulk, Captain Britain, Amadeus Cho, Yellow Jacket

Current Members: None

Purpose of Formation: Originally, Tony Stark united these men along with the Black Panther shortly after the Kree-Skrull War had first involved Earth. He suggested they form a mega group that would be prepared to face such similar threats by uniting all of the existing super teams and groups. Eventually, the idea was minimized in scale to a secret cabal that would share information and decide secretly how all of the individual groups would correspond. Each member of the Illuminati represents a different aspect of society and point of view, which is part of the reason they formed.

Powers and Abilities (Overview): Each member is also considered to be an unparalleled master of their domain or area of expertise. Iron Man is the master of technologies and represents the technological, military and industrial sections of the world, Namor is the master of Oceans, known to represent underwater Realms and Atlantis, Mr. Fantastic is the world's greatest scientific intellect and the leader of the Fantastic Four. Represents the scientific and intellectual community, Charles Xavier is the mutant caretaker, and represented the Mutant Race before his death, Black Bolt is the king of inhumans thus, representing that community, Dr. Strange is the master of magic and representative of all mystical creatures, and Captain America was the first true super soldier, an unparalleled leader, and master military strategist represented the American ideal.

Biggest Nemesis: Third World Aggressions

Biggest Ally: It was a secret organization, no known allies.

Trivia: The Cabal was a counterpart of the Illuminati consisting of Norman Osborn, Doctor Doom, Hood, Loki, Emma Frost and Namor. Namor later forms a new Cabal to combat incursions, which consists of himself, Thanos, Maximus the Mad, Terrax, Black Swan and Black Order members Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight.

Other Appearances: In other media, The Illuminati is referenced in The Super Hero Squad Show episode "Tales of Suspense" and have made appearance in the movie ‘Planet Hulk’ where they convince Hulk how dangerous he is, and apologized for what they had to (in reference to the incident, where they convinced him to go to the outer space—this made one of the dissolving factors of the Illuminati).

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