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Being Mumbaikars - A take on Superheroes spending a day in Mumbai

16 Dec, 2015

Being Mumbaikars - A take on Superheroes spending a day in Mumbai

Being one of India’s biggest metropolitan cities, Mumbai is full of dreamers, professionals,  gangsters, stray dogs, exotic birds, artists, servants, fishermen, millionaires  and lots and lots of people. The city also hosts India’s most prolific film industry. Mumbai is India’s financial powerhouse, fashion epicentre and a pulse point of religious tension. Having said so much factual things about the city, here’s what our Superheroes have to say about it.

Captain America
I’ve always wanted to visit the Gateway of India. It’s a majestic landmark that inspires you. On the contrary, that’s exactly not how the Mumbai trains make you feel. Travelled from Church Gate to Santa Cruz, only to get my shield cracked! I clearly did not expect that. I’m amazed to see people travel this way.
Captain in Mumbai

Appreciate the people, culture and all that; but it’s definitely not the city that makes one break the rules. I really don’t know whether to be happy or sad.
Flash in Mumbai

I pity you Flash. But the monsoons here seem to please me a lot. I feel close to home here.
Thor in Mumbai

Iron Man
Saturday nights can’t get any better. I should probably look at taking more business trips to this city. Be it clubs, dance floors, chics or DJs; there is nothing to complain about in this city in terms of partying. There is so much of energy and fun in the air. Time for some serious socialization!
Stark in Mumbai

Batman (Meanwhile, while trying to do some serious drive-by in the city…)
Oh common! This traffic jam is getting into my nerve!
Batman in Mumbai

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