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Fashion Statements Made By Superheroes

10 Dec, 2015

Fashion Statements Made By Superheroes

Superheroes are generally busy saving the planet yet manage to look stunning and flawless, with their well-fitting outfit that accentuates their perfectly well-toned body and their amazing hairstyle, always in place. These heroes defined their own style statements. Here are few superheroes who are not only known for having special powers but also for their amazing sense of style.

Black Widow
Agent Romanoff is the spy who is generally seen dressed in a black cat suit. Her style statement is in line with her job. She adapts to every occasion.  Majority of the times she is seen in her cat suit outfit, in which she looks just as stunning as she would in a little black dress.
Black Widow
Captain America
When this patriotic superhero is not busy fighting crimes, he is generally seen donning a simple tight fitting tee that shows off his well-built and muscular body paired with a pair of Levis denims or khakis. Neatly groomed and always looking sharp is his style statement.  To add to his casual look, he sports on a leather jacket when riding his Harley Davidson.
Captain Rogers

Tony Stark
A charming, intelligent, rich, cool, playboy with the attitude, “It’s either my way or the highway.” Tony is always ready to suit up! He is his most favorite person, but hey you can’t blame him! An avenger who has the ability to woo everyone by how easily he carries every style with no flaw or hustle. Whether it’s a business meeting, a party or fighting crime, Tony makes sure that he is dressed for the occasion. His fashion statement is ‘dress right and follow details to the T.’
Iron Man 

Bruce Wayne
There are two sides to this superhero. One side is protecting Gotham city as Batman, clad in black tight suit, a cape and a mask. The other side is the millionaire industrialist Bruce Wayne.  Bruce pulls off this rich business man look by wearing the perfect formal ensemble, the three piece suit, a tie and a well-fitting formal shirt. Bruce enjoys looking formal and sharp when he isn’t saving the world!
Bruce Wayne 
Incredible Hulk
Have you ever thought of who started the Ripped fashion trend? My guess would be this man monster. Humongous in size and green with anger, often seen wearing a pair of purple shorts that are ripped. When not angered he switches back into the human self who is usually wearing a lab court. This huge green muscular avenger is not only a superhero but also a trend setter. Go Green! Go ripped!

Banner & Hulk

Which hero’s style statement is your favorite?



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