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Plot of Batman Vs Superman has been revealed!

11 Jun, 2015

Plot of Batman Vs Superman has been revealed!

Recently, Warner Bros Consumer Products released the plot synopsis of the upcoming superhero saga, probably one of the biggest ever – Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice which hits the theaters on March 25th next year.

The synopsis, whatever little has been revealed till now reiterates everything that has been shown in the trailer of the movie. Gotham’s Dark Knight, played by Ben Affleck takes on the God-Like Superhero, played by Henry Cavill. The movie will witness an adverse set of clashes between these legendary superheroes. And while both the superheroes are indulged in a battle of their own, there arises a deadly threat to mankind which obviously will be addressed to in the end. Of whatever that has been revealed till now, it is kind of evident that the world’s greatest superheroes will go to war, but what’s not clear is that if they will join forces in order to eliminate the bigger threat that arises while they are at war to save the mankind.

The threat as mentioned in the plot is unclear, if it refers to Lex Luthor or someone else who is entirely new. We will just have to wait and see.

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