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Jackman talks about Wolverine Vs Batman!

03 Mar, 2015

Jackman talks about Wolverine Vs Batman!

At a recent event in New York, where Hugh Jackman was promoting Chappie he was questioned on whether Wolverine will be seen following Spiderman’s lead and joining the Marvel Universe.

To which he responded casually saying, “There’s so many forces at play there man, beyond what anyone would want. The thing I’ve always loved about the comic book world, the fun thing is how a writer of a comic book could just pull all these characters together. What became a Friday night discussion of, 'Ah, it would be cool to see Batman fight Wolverine.' Bang! Monday morning, they’re working on it. That’s an idealized world."

Hearing this Chappie’s director Neil Blomkamp posed a question, “What about Christian Bale as Batman Vs Wolverine?”

However, Jackman believes that Batman would stand no chance against Wolverine and the movie would be a short film.

Do you agree to this? Do you think the caped crusader would put up a tough fight against the Adamantium-rich mutant?

It would be interesting to witness a fight between the two though! Don’t you think? ;)

Original article can be found here

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1 comment

Aamir Phulrwala

March 04, 2015

Christian Bale as Batman would kick wolverines ass hands down :p
And yes it would be short film cause batman would make it quick and painful!!!!

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