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Who is your favorite Batman?

30 Jan, 2015

Who is your favorite Batman?

Batman is undoubtedly one of the best creations by DC. The Caped Crusader & Gotham’s Dark Knight has been played by more actors than any other superhero character so far. We have had some extra-ordinary actors from the industry portray the role of Batman in their own personal & unique style. Here is a list of these legends –

  1. Lewis G Wilson – The first & the youngest actor to play Batman. However, he did not happen to be as popular as the following actors who played Batman later. While he looked perfect for the part of Bruce Wayne, the dashing rich playboy, he failed to portray Batman for the dark and intimidating character the superhero possess.
  2. Robert Lowrey – After Lewis Wilson, Lowrey played Batman in 1949 in the follow-up serial “Batman & Robin”. He was more apt that Lewis for the role of Batman and did a good job as Gotham’s savior.
  3. Adam West – He was one helluva goofy Batman. He was cast as Bruce Wayne and his alter ego Batman for the 1960’s series Batman. The popular campy show ran till 1968 and a movie based on the same was released in 1966.
  4. Michael Keaton – He appeared as Batman in 1989 and was loved for his role in the movie. His career was on a different high after the release of Batman and he also went on to win several awards for his performance. Keaton came back as Batman in the sequel to the first one in 1992 again.
  5. Val Kilmer – Kilmer’s role as Batman got mixed reviews from people. He made a good Batman but not a better one than Keaton.
  6. George Clooney – Clooney starred in Batman & Robin and did not live up to Batman’s character. Movie was not appreciated much and fans were disappointed at the casting.
  7. Christian Bale – Christopher Nolan decided on reinventing the Batman on the big screen and took Bale on board because he thought Bale had just the perfect balance of darkness and light in him which is an integral part of Batman. His characterization was everything Batman should be – intimidating and dark. Bale has so far been the perfect choice for portraying the caped crusader on screen.


Who amongst the above mentioned actors has been successful according to you in playing Batman efficiently? Share your views with us in the comments below! :) 


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February 03, 2015

Christian bale is the best batman ever….loved it..

Dheeraj puthran

February 03, 2015

I didn’t know any other batman except Christian bale!! Christian bale= 100% dedication.. 200% motivation ;)

Deep Phoenix

February 06, 2015

Adam West did the best portrayal of the campy Batman of the bronze age(imo).

But but but, the greatest screen incarnation of the Batman in my opinion was by Kevin Conroy. NOTHING comes close to Kevin Conroy’s Batman in the Animated Series and the Justice League and so on. I also think Peter Weller did an upstanding job in DKR.

Rishi Roy

February 19, 2015

Christian Bale….. hands down

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