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5 Fun Facts About “The Amazing Spiderman” Movies

06 Jan, 2015

5 Fun Facts About “The Amazing Spiderman” Movies

Here are some fun facts you probably did not know about The Amazing Spiderman Movies! Happy Reading!
1. Josh Hutcherson, famous for his role of Peeta in The Hunger Games; auditioned for the role of Peter Parker in the Amazing Spiderman Series.

2. The first part of The Amazing Spiderman was released in the same year when the comic series completed 50 years!

3. Andrew Garfield, a huge fan of Spiderman admitted to shedding tears the first time he wore the Spiderman costume.

4. 56 Spiderman Costumes were created for the movie. 17 were made for Andrew Garfield and the rest for each stunt person.

5. The mice used in the Oscorp Lab were actually toys. 200 mice toys were used for the movie and each of them had their unnaturally pink colored ears removed.


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