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Iron Man - A Self-Made Hero !

11 Nov, 2014

Iron Man - A Self-Made Hero !

I guess most of the people will agree on the fact that Iron Man is a symbol of heroism. In March 1963, Marvel decided to incubate an innovation in their superheroes chapter. After spending close to two decades in developing characters like The Fantastic Four and the X-Men, Marvel felt the scream for a superhero to be born through innovation. Brushing all their fictitious competencies aside, Marvel partnered with Stan Lee to logically place a storyline from scratch. Thus Tony Stark – an American billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist was born.

In time, Tony attends a field test for the military hardware that his business produces. On his return, he is attacked by a gang of terrorists who place a mine beneath his wagon which lodges a piece of shrapnel near Tony’s heart. Promising to develop a battle suit during his captivity, Tony engineers a magnetic field generator to prevent the shrapnel in reaching his heart and lures the terrorist group into creating an armour equipped with crude magnetic weaponry. Soon after, he uses the same to tear apart the enemy ranks and finds a new life in improvising the armour to disguise his identity as Ironman.

As Tony’s theory of quantum physics implies, the equations are simple:

Marvel + Stan Lee = Tony Stark = Billionaire + Playboy + industrialist

Tony Stark + Ingenious engineering = Ironman = A Self-Made Superhero


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