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The World Of Disney!

20 Oct, 2014

The World Of Disney!


 Walt Disney Films always leave an ever lasting impression on the audiences with their subtle but beautiful messages. The characters always depict something beautiful by their actions and manage to touch the emotional chords. There are a lot of interesting things you probably did not know about these movies –


1. Frozen and Maleficent are the latest movies which show that an act of true love doesn’t necessarily come from a man.


 2. In the movie “Little Mermaid”, King Triton has seven daughters for seven seas.


 3. The voice of Eeroy in “Winnie the pooh” is the same as the one of Optimus Prime in “Transformers”.


4. Elsa was originally the villain in the movie “Frozen” but after listening to the song “Let it go”, they changed the plot of the movie.

 5. Rapunzel has the biggest eyes of all the Disney Princesses.


If you have any tidbits to share on any of your favorite Disney characters or movies, share them with us in the comments below!

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