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Spiderman to enter the Universe of Avengers?

07 Oct, 2014

Spiderman to enter the Universe of Avengers?


How much would we love the idea of Spiderman’s presence in the Avengers! Looks like after all something like might happen eventually. There is an unconfirmed rumor about Marvel roping in Spiderman in one of their movies. There are talks about Sony wanting to bring their Spiderman franchise back on track and a possibility of connecting with the Marvel Cinematic Universe would mean success for sure. Marvel wants to be able to use all its intellectual characters and position them in the films to gain the edge.

However, this is not a confirmed statement. What has been stated on record is that a crossover like this would only happen if the producers of Spiderman would run out of ideas and stories, but things might change any moment. Unless this is made into an official announcement, it is just hearsay.

The original article can be found here 

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