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The Power of Speed!

06 Sep, 2014

The Power of Speed!

 It was an unimaginable loss for Barry Allen when he lost his mother. Young Barry consumed by this painful loss gets obsessed by the mystery of his mother’s death and goes on to become a forensic scientist until the day his life changes for good. A bolt of lightning strikes a portion of his laboratory and he ends up with mysterious powers that give him speed. He could run faster than a bullet train and race up buildings in search of the murderer responsible for his mother’s death.

A product of DC Comics, the character of Barry Allen aka Flash was created first by Gardener Fox and Harry Lampert and it first appeared in 1940 in the original Flash #1. This exclusive power of able to run at near-light speed is truly remarkable. Flash also is an important part of the Superhero team, Justice League. Barry as a character is obsessed with solving crime and he digs up the roots in order to find the real culprit behind every crime. His superhuman speed gives him an advantage over his nemesis and not to forget, it is one of the coolest superhero powers we have ever come across!


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