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The Night Gwen Stacy Died!

26 Aug, 2014

The Night Gwen Stacy Died!


The Amazing Spiderman series brings a lot of elements on screen along with tragedy at its best. The movie has a plot that accentuates the tragedy element by incorporating the death of Gwen Stacy from the Marvel Comics. It was in 1973 when Gwen Stacy met her sad end after she fell off the bridge on which Spiderman was fighting off the Green Goblin. Peter Parker’s first love and girlfriend Gwen died in the Amazing Spiderman Issue #121, after Green Goblin finds out the true identity of Spiderman and tosses her off the bridge to get back at our Superhero. In an attempt to save her, Spiderman casts his web line and manages to save her from falling on the ground. However, the whiplash caused by the save snaps her neck and she dies.


The creators of the movie chose to go with the original plot of the series and display the death of Gwen in the same manner. The only difference is in the movie she dies inside the clock tower. Brilliantly captured on camera, this scene managed to leave a lasting impact on the audiences. Marvel, however takes the readers on a journey which the movie did not show. The relationship Gwen and Peter shared and all the twists and turns in their love story have been beautifully depicted in the Comics. History has always witnessed that great love stories always have a tragic ending and so does this one. Gwen Stacy’s death holds an importance in the comic world. Her death brought about a subsequent maturation of all the Superhero sagas in the 70’s. For the first time in the comic history, a character that close and important to the Superhero faces a tragic demise. Killing Gwen’s character helped in an evolution in the comic world. Hats off to Marvel for creating such an amazing plot.

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