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The Marvel Diaries - The Enigma Behind Mystique!

19 Aug, 2014

The Marvel Diaries - The Enigma Behind Mystique!



True to her name, Mystique is an enigmatic character created by the Marvel Comics. Created originally by Dave Cockrum and Jim Mooney, Mystique is known to have the mutant powers of shape-shifting. She effortlessly transforms into whomsoever she wants to. In the X-Men saga, Mystique has her own set of battles to fight. She is a powerful mutant envied by many and thus ends up making more number of enemies than friends in the saga. A loner by nature, Mystique plays a crucial role in the Marvel saga. Here are a few facts you probably did not know about this powerful, attractive, evil mutant’s character from the Marvel comics –

  1. Originally known as Raven, Mystique is a century old mutant who encounters the X-men and shares a history with most of them. At one point, the Canadian mutant – Wolverine and Mystique were lovers. She also happened to share a similar with Logan’s brother Victor Creed.
  2. Mystique had a son named Kurt Wagner, whom she gave up for adoption after he was born.
  3. She adopted a child named Anna Marie who later grew to become a part of the core X-Men as Rogue.
  4. She worked for the United States Civil Services and later went on to head the Department of Defense to get access to top military secrets and advanced weaponry which she obviously used for her criminal purposes.
  5. Mystique created a Brotherhood of evil mutants with the Avalance, the Blob, Destiny, the Pyre. Rogue was a part of this Brotherhood for a brief period of time before she went on to join the X-Men. 


      Share your views on the enigmatic character of Mystique with us in the comments below :)

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