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The Avengers - Mentally Hilarious!

11 Aug, 2014

The Avengers - Mentally Hilarious!

The Avengers is an action packed, ensemble superhero cast movie where the superheroes save the day by fighting off a vast alien army. But that wasn’t all. The script of this movie made room for some brilliant humor packed scenes and dialogues and the timings were impeccable. Witty dialogue exchange between Tony Stark and Captain America, hilarious Thor moments, the unfailing chemistry between Hulk and Thor, and above all the Loki humor resulted in the audiences cracking up in their seats.

Keeping in mind that the movie is about an ensemble of superheroes fighting off the evil Loki and his alien army, The Avengers is a surprisingly funny movie. Other than Tony Stark who is famous for amusing his audiences, the other Marvel superheroes are also given an opportunity to shine. The script is full of witty one-liners and great references. Here are some mentally hilarious scenes from the film –


1. Hulk Smashing Loki - 


Hulk Smashes Loki


2. Loki tries controlling Tony Stark - 


Loki & Tony Stark


Loki is surprised as he is not able to control Tony says "This Usually Works" to which Stark's witty reply is "Performance Issues"



3. The conversation between Thor & Black Widow - 



Thor : "Loki is a God and he is my brother!"

Black Widow : "He killed 80 people in 2 days"

Thor : "He is adopted!"



4. Hulk Punches Thor - 


Hulk punches Thor


5. Iron Man waking up to Hulk's roar - 


Iron Man & Hulk



Hulk roars to wake up Iron Man. A startled Iron Man wakes up and says " I hope nobody kissed me!" LOL



Do you remember these scenes from The Avengers? 








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