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10 Things You Need To Know About Apocalypse Before His X-Men Movie Deb

16 May, 2016

10 Things You Need To Know About Apocalypse Before His X-Men Movie Debut

Apocalypse is arguably the X-Men’s most powerful foe, but he’s not the most famous; he has a generic name, hard-to-defined powers, and his motives change a lot. And now he’s also going to be the big bad of the next X-Men film! Here’s everything you need to know before Apocalypse (the movie and the character) arrive.

1) He’s old. We mean really old.                                                 

The boy who would take the name Apocalypse was born 5,000 years ago in an area of the Middle East called Aqaba (in modern Jordan). He was born with grey skin and weird blue lips, which led the superstitious villagers to abandon the baby in the desert. He was found by a tribe of raiders called the Sandstormers, who gave him the name En Sabah Nur—“The First One.” He may even be the world’s first mutant.


2) He is a firm believer of the rule of the jungle and wants to make sure only the strongest survive.

Although his name makes him sound like he wants to end the world (or at least kill everyone on it), Apocalypse is really much more interested in evolution—specifically, making sure the strong survive and the weak die. As a mutant himself, he believes mutants are superior to humans much like Magneto does, but Apocalypse also really wants to create a world where everyone is fighting all the time so the strong are forced to get stronger and the weak perish. As such, he’s into putting humans in death camps and forcing mutants to fight each other, and he figures he’s doing everyone a really big favor by doing this. Of course, he also thinks his job would be easier if he had supreme power and/or ruled the world.

3) He’s one of the most powerful mutants.

Besides having extra-super super-strength, Apocalypse can manipulate the molecules of  his body to suit any need. He can change his mass, size and weight, allowing him to grow the size of the Statue of Liberty. He can turn his limbs into weapons ranging from swords to laser cannons, he can pop out extra arms, he can sprout wings and grow gills… and he can disguise himself as pretty much anyone. It’s like he can evolve himself to survive any situation. He has a crazy effective healing power, which makes him almost invulnerable. He can fire energy blasts out of pretty much any part of his body. He can fly, he has super-speed, he has both telepathy and telekinesis. It should not be a surprise that he’s held his own against an entire team of X-Men on numerous occasions.

When Apocalypse was still a young En Sabah Nur, he was taken to a cave containing devices left by the Celestials, who are a race of super-powerful beings who are basically the gods of the Marvel universe (and not like Thor and Loki are “gods”—these guys created life, death, and the multiverse). Not only did the technology give him Celestial armor, it gave him new mutant powers while augmenting the rest. Not only does Apocalypse get more powerful as he gets older, he’s pretty sure he has plenty of powers he doesn’t even know about yet. The only downside to his Celestial improvement is that his body can barely handle it, forcing him to switch human hosts regularly (although his tech makes transferring his consciousness and powers pretty simple). Also, he needs to recharge his insane powers periodically by taking years-long naps, which is pretty much the only respite the X-Men get from him.

4) He has a fondness for selecting four minions and calling them his Horsemen.

Hey, you know that whole “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” part of the book of Revelations in the Bible? As the most recent X-Men: Apocalypsemovie trailer pointed out, it was inspired by the villain. He’s been taking four powerful minions and dubbing them Death, War, Famine and Pestilence for his entire career as a supervillain. He gives them special powers and, in the chance they don’t want to serve him willingly anyway, enslaves their minds. Famous Marvel heroes who have become one of Apocalypse’s Horsemen include the Hulk, Wolverine, Gambit, the Sentry, and more (especially in alternate Marvel universes). In the upcoming movie, it appears Apocalypse’s riders will be Angel, Storm, Magneto and Psylocke.


5) He has a very intense relationship with the Summers family.

My apologies, because this is the point where the wrecking ball that is X-Men comics continuity comes in. In the modern Marvel universe, Apocalypse first woke up—about a century earlier than planned—when he felt the arrival of a strange energy. That energy was the hero Cable, who had traveled back in time to stop Apocalypse from conquering the planet and ruling it for the next 19 centuries. Cable is the Nathan, the son of the X-Men Cyclops and Madeline Pryor (secretly a clone of Jean Grey); Nathan was infected with a techno-virus as a baby—by Apocalypse— and sent to the future to cure him, where he ended up growing up under Apocalypse’s nightmare regime. Cable hates Apocalypse. In the future, someone cloned Cable and Apocalypse stole that baby, raised him, and he ended up the as the insane X-Men villain Stryfe, who hated both Cyclops and Apocalypse because daddy issues. Whew! And this is legitimately just the beginning of their crazy, messed-up relationship.

6) He is not a team player and will fight anybody even other villans.

Apocalypse is not much for a team-up, and since other villains plans to kill so-and-so or destroy such-and-such would invariably get in the way of his plans to do the same, he’s taken on more than a few bad guys, too. He fought Kang the Conqueror back in ancient Egypt. He kicked Dracula’s ass a time or two. He’s battled both Thor and Loki to standstills. He helped stop Onslaught, although he was mainly doing it to kill Franklin Richards. He held his own against the High Evolutionary, a supervillain with the power to rearrange sub-atomic particles. And the Eternals, who were created by the Celestials and are basically demigods, simply call Apocalypse their “Ancient Nemesis.”

7) He conquered the world only for a while, but that still counts.

When Professor X’s troubled son Legion—yes, the guy who’s about to have his own show on Fox—decided to travel back in time to assassinate Magneto, he accidentally shoots and kills his dad before he can form the X-Men. As a result, Apocalypse wakes up early and there’s no one to stop him, even though Magneto creates and leads the X-Men in Xavier’s place. The end result was 1995’s Age of Apocalypse storyline, in which Apocalypse has killed most of humanity, enslaved the rest, and only a few groups of mutants resist him. Age Of Apocalypse is most notable for some pretty insane changes to the X-Men, including Rogue becoming Magneto’s wife, Colossus killing a lot of X-Men including his beloved Kitty Pride, and the existence of Nate Grey, who was created with the DNA of Cyclops and Jean Grey (making him Cable’s half-brother twice removed, or something). Anyways, another person from the future has to travel back in time to erase this mess, but this time is happens to be Bishop.

8) He has also made a few mistake like creating Mr. Sinister, and it was a nightmare.

In 1859, Apocalypse used his Celestial tech to turn Victorian scientists Nathanial Essex into the supervillain Mr. Sinister, and has basically regretted it ever since. Sinister was supposed to help the ancient mutant kill all humans, but Sinister thought this plan was dumb and managed to put Apocalypse back into hibernation. Since that point, Sinister has fought Apocalypse many times, impersonated him a few more, and is the guy who cloned Jean Grey and sent her to Cyclops for the express purpose of them having sex and her giving birth to Cable, the biggest thorn in Apocalypse’s side. Mr. Sinister happens the next biggest X-Men foe that hasn’t appeared in a movie yet, so if there happens to be another movie in the current continuity, he’s probably a lock.

9) Sometimes he can actually be helpful...

In his desire to create his perfect minions, he’s accidentally managed to help the X-Men on several occasions. When Angel had his wings ripped off, Apocalypse gave him his shiny metal ones; after Wolverine had his adamantium ripped off his bones, Apocalypse put it back. He even grew Sunfire’s legs back. Obviously, these gifts all came with a price, but the heroes also managed to get out of their deals eventually.


10) He’s being played by Poe Dameron.

In case you didn’t know who Oscar Isaac was before he stole your heart in The Force Awakens, that is indeed the same dashing Resistance pilot playing the ancient X-Men antagonist in X-Men: Apocalypse. Isaac is very excited about playing the villain, but if you’ve seen the beloved X-Men cartoon of the ’90s and remember Apocalypse’s appearances on it, you know Isaac has a lot to live up to.


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