Rumor Into Reality : Teaser Trailer of Batman Vs Superman

A rumor that has been spread for the past two decades among movie buffs can no more be a rumor. DC Comics made the rumor into reality and a sample of the reality has been trending recently in the form of trailer. You will be sitting in the summer of 2016, just few yards away from the superheroes sharing the same screen and watching the movie ‘DAWN OF JUSTICE’ aka Batman vs Superman and it is officially confirmed after the advent of the teaser trailer.

Zack Snyder has directed the movie which made it all possible to make the comic into an epic movie. Henry Cavill is suited up as Super Man and Ben Affleck is introduced as Bat Man to the audience. There are also a lot of surprise elements and artists anticipated and the voice in the trailer, for whom the face isn’t shown, has wild guesses by all the movie lovers.

The darkness in every shot makes the audience feel how dark the movie is about to be. Batman isn’t shown for the first minute and the moment Batman is shown, we become awed and enthralled. Adrenaline rushes when Batman opens up with his dialogue at the end of the trailer asking Superman, “Do you Bleed?” and we can no longer wait to see whether the man from Krypton actually bleeds.

False God in the shot make us raise our eye brows and the suspicion is all set, as a trailer should do. It isn’t one superhero, but two who are going to save the world and the world waits to watch it in screen. Superman fans and Batman fans are already in a tussle and finally, the trailer shows that entertainment is guaranteed.

You can watch the enthralling trailer here –

May 18, 2018

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